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Look, you're hardworking. You're intelligent. You know email is the lifeblood of your business.

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Having email content created for you - INSTANTLY gives you more content to send to your list each week.

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But please note. Not every Mailchimp user who wants to join, can join:

To qualify you must signup by midnight on Tuesday 29th June. Also:

1. You must have a business email address with your own domain name. Emails ending in Gmail etc don’t qualify.

2. You must be a business we believe we can help. If we don't believe our service will help you - rather than give you false hope - we'll tell you and unsubscribe you.

3. You must agree to try this for at least three straight months so you can test it properly. If we see you haven't accessed the stories we can close your account.

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We’re not expecting you to believe what we say.

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Yes I'll accept your emails with special GIFTS for me, offers and important news. And I can unsubscribe anytime.

Most people choose this

And here's a cautionary tale, if you have a few more minutes to spare:

For Entrepreneurs, Small Business Owners And Online Marketers

In the last economic downturn, two friends, Sarah and James, lost their jobs.

They both were hardworking. Both had given their all to the companies. Both believed they had jobs for life.

And when they were let go, the timing couldn’t be worse...

James was so deep in debt, he was sure American Express must have hitmen after him.

And Sarah was worse than broke. She was with an all-time loser going through a messy divorce.

So on a cold, rainy evening they met up for drinks and to catch-up at a late night bar. And after a few drinks too many, they decided to each start a business.

Fast forward to today and…

Both businesses are thriving.

But one friend works as a sales director for the other friend - who owns both businesses.

What was the one thing one friend did to be more successful?

Sarah owned both businesses.

And she was more successful than James because of what she did with her email list.

You see, she knew the email list was the lifeblood of her business.

So she did various email tutorials.

And in the tutorials she learnt tactics she could use to improve her emails.

So instead of sending the usual type of emails almost all businesses send. She started adding stories to some of her emails.

And by adding stories she was able to capture her readers attention, keep them engaged and build a relationship with them.

It made her incredibly successful.

James however, did the opposite to Sarah.

He didn't do any tutorials. He treated his list the way almost all businesses treat their email list.

He only contacted his list:

  • When he wanted to sell them more of his products.
  • When he wanted to sell them JV partner services.
  • When he had information, he thought was interesting, but the list felt was boring.
  • When their subscription was due.
  • When he wanted a review or feedback.

His sales plummeted.

But he knew it could have been different.

Sarah had said to him:

"Add stories to the emails you send your list because people can’t resist stories... 

  • They’ll open more of your emails.
  • You’ll form a closer relationship with them.
  • And they’ll buy more from you.

Because if you only write to them a couple of times a week.

Or only send them info you think is interesting, but they think is boring.

Or only try to sell them stuff...

Regardless of how good you are - they'll forget you, eventually get bored, stop opening your emails and stop buying from you. 

Today, people want to be entertained in your emails, not just educated or sold to or told to do things."

And she was right.

Don't Wait Until You've Done The Tutorial And You're Staring At A Blank Screen

It's Thursday. 

It's 4.39 pm.

You MUST write to your list again this week.

But you're snowed under with work.

You look again at the clock.

Time's running out.

And you're still staring at a blank screen.

Just think if at times like that...

  • You open your favourite browser.
  • You type in
  • You click the login link on the right.
  • You enter your password.
  • You go to the members area.
  • You choose a video story.
  • You cut & paste the link into your email in seconds.
  • You send your email.
  • Your list responds saying how much they loved it.

Start using and you'll always have engaging video stories to send your list.

What's more, you see an almost unbelievable rise in email open rates, click through rates and backend sales.

Not Convinced? Your BS Detector Going Off?

Now if that's set off your BS detector.

Do a Google search about videos in emails. 

You'll see every result says videos increase email open rates and click through rates - some say up to 300%.

But there's more.

Look at the last 4 emails you received from a business who's emails you almost always open.

You'll see at least one of their emails has a story in it. Why?

Today, almost all smart businesses add stories to some emails because it's been scientifically PROVEN, humans love stories (we get a pleasure hit from them).

So when that business sends you an email...

Subconsciously you're hoping to get a pleasure hit again. And that practically forces you to open almost all their emails.

So what we've done is create video stories.

That way you get the BENEFITS videos give. And the psychological BENEFITS stories give.

In other words. You simply cannot lose. And it's FREE to try.

Here's How  We Make It Come True For You
And it's effortlessly easy

  • We give you short video stories to make your subscribers laugh, smile, feel uplifted and sometimes bring a tear to their eye. This encourages them to open your emails.
  • Then - so you can benefit from reciprocity - we find gifts/rewards and package them with the stories.
  • Each week you email your list and tell them you have a FREE story gift package you’d like to give them.
  • As they start receiving the story gift packages, they warm to you more, they trust you more and they like you more.
  • You now have a more engaged email list that's also ready to buy more from you.

So why not put your name down to try this. Give yourself the chance of achieving more success.

Is There A Catch?

There's one.

Someone could see the same story more than once, if the businesses they're subscribed to use Mailchimp and also use our service.

It could happen, but it's extremely unlikely because you choose the story and when you're going to send it.

In other words:

Your subscriber would have to be on the list of someone using our service, who happened to be sending the same story, the same week you were sending it.

But let's say it did happen.

Is a subscriber suddenly going to leave you or get upset because they saw the story before?

If that's all it takes for them to leave or get upset - they probably were never loyal anyway.

Remember, Businesses You Admire Use This Technique On You Because It Works

As you saw earlier.

Certain businesses get you to open almost all their emails by using this technique on you.

This is your chance to achieve the same results from your list.

So why not try it, because:

  • Now you can use the tutorial properly and take advantage of the tips it gives you.
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  • It makes it EASIER for you to email your list more times a week.
  • Click through rates almost always rise.
  • You have a chance to boost backend sales.
  • It's perfect for when you can't think of anything to write.
  • It's perfect for when you don’t feel like writing.
  • It's perfect for when you're pushed for time.
  • You create a highly responsive list.
  • It's FREE for a full year with no obligation to buy after a year.

So please, don't hesitate. Not for a second.

Because every day you delay, gives a subscriber another day to lose interest in you.

And One Final Point To Remember

Not every Mailchimp user who wants to join, can join.

To qualify you must signup by midnight on Tuesday 29th June. Also: 

1. You must have a business email address with your own domain name. Emails ending in Gmail etc don't qualify.

2. You must be a business we believe we can help. If we don't believe our service will help you - rather than give you false hope - we'll tell you and unsubscribe you.

3. You must agree to try this for at least three straight months so you can test it properly. If we see you haven't accessed the stories we can close your account.

If you're OK with that, simply enter your details below. There’s no obligation to buy after a year. No strings attached. And no risk.

So if you qualify why not take up this offer now.

Because as we said earlier, we can’t run it forever. IT ENDS ON TUESDAY. Don't wait and then regret not doing it. Get it now while you still can.

It's your choice.

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