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Without Having To Spend Hours Writing New Content

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Now that’s a ballsey statement - worthy of Conor McGregor - and yes, I can hear your BS detector going off.

Here’s the thing though…

If You Can Handle A Little Dose Of Reality,
Stay With Me

Because there’s an unforgiveable sin almost all online marketers are currently committing.

You may even (unintentionally) be committing it yourself – it’s COMPLACENCY.

In other words:

Not trying new ideas.

Becoming so satisfied with how you do things that YOU STOP trying to better them... YOU STOP trying new ideas... YOU STOP growing.

Yet history is littered with successful online businesses that eventually failed because THEY STOPPED trying and learning new ideas.

So it was for alert men and women who are not ready to stand still, who refused to cease to grow, who are not afraid of the new – that our service was designed for.

We Give You Animated Video Stories To Put In An Email For When You're Too Busy To Craft An Email To Your List

And the way it works is so simple:

  • We give you short animated video stories to make your subscribers laugh, smile, and sometimes bring a tear to their eye. This entices them to open your emails.
  • Then - so you can benefit from reciprocity - we find gifts/rewards and package them with the stories.
  • Each week you email your list and tell them you have a free story gift package you’d like to give them.
  • As they start receiving the story gift packages, they warm to you more, they trust you more and they like you more.

Our service hands all of this to you on a plate. And it gets even better...

I'm One Of Your Customers/Subscribers So
I Know You Work Hard

This is why I’m giving you a 4 month FREE trial of our service (valued at $3200).

Being one of your customers/subscribers, I know the value you give... how hard you work... how busy you are.

So I wanted to give you a service that was:

1. Blissfully easy for you to use.

2. Takes just seconds for you to do.

3. Helps you send more emails to your list each week.

So Why Don't You Email Your List More?

Is it for one of these reasons:

You have a successful business so you're too damn busy.

Or (if you're like many business) you haven’t got enough engaging email content to send to your list 6 or 7 times a week.

Yet think back to what I said...

"Our service helps you send more emails to your list each week – without you having to spend hours writing new email content.

And it takes just seconds to do."

Remember that?

So don't be one of those poor sad businesses that... don't email enough... have declining open rates... and poor click through rates - causing you endless frustration, stress and RESTLESS NIGHTS.

Having email content created for you means you have more content to send to your list.

And that means you can email your list more often. Without you writing a single word of content.

And best of all, you can do this with startling ease.

Don't Wait Until The Pressure's On And You're Staring At That Blank Screen

Look, let's say it's a Friday. 

It's 4.39 pm.

You’re busier than a toilet attendant at an open-air music festival.

Yet you've got to get another email out to your list this week...

And two staff who could have done the emails are off sick with Covid

So what would you do?

Well imagine:

  • Going to a website (Epok.com).
  • You sit back and choose a video story from the members area.
  • You cut & paste the link into your email in seconds.
  • You send it to your list.
  • Almost everyone opens it.
  • Your list responds saying how much they loved it.

Use Epok.com and you can quickly and effortlessly send email video stories to your list in seconds, without you writing a word of content.

And yes you guessed it. There's more...

Sending Video Stories To Your List Gives You A Wonderful Sneaky Advantage

Putting video stories in emails is like putting lighter fluid on a campfire.

Email open rates and click through rates soar.

And that's not us saying that - it's Google:

Almost every result in Google (303 million), mention email open rates increase when you add a video to an email.

And some results say, click through rates improve by up to 300%.

Now that's not guaranteed...

But if that happens for you - imagine the bragging rights you'll have over your peers.

Once You See The Results You Achieve. 
I Bet You Won't Stop Smiling. 
(You May Even Do A Wickedly Silent Laugh)

But as Shakespeare said:

"Our doubts are traitors, and make us lose the good we oft might win, by fearing to attempt.”

So I'm not expecting you to believe what I say.

What I want to do here is let you to know this opportunity is out there for you, and give you the opportunity to try it now.

Because once you see the results you get.

And the speed you get them. I'm sure it will make you say:

"This was one of the smartest decisions I made this year."

So please don't hesitate, we can’t run this offer forever. Seize it now while you still can.

There's no obligation to buy after 4 months. No risk. No strings attached.

It's your choice. Take this opportunity now or risk losing it forever.

But Not Everyone Can Join

Not everyone who wants to join in, can join.

To join in you must meet 4 qualifications 

1. You must register with a business email address with your own domain name. Emails ending in Gmail etc don't qualify.

2. You must be a business we believe we can help. If we don't believe our service will help you - rather than give you false hope - we'll tell you and unsubscribe you.

3. You must agree to try this for at least three straight months so you can test it properly. If we see you haven't accessed the stories we can close your account.

4. You must agree to open almost all our emails. Why? Our email reputation (props to Rich Schefren for this tip). And it’s something you should consider doing with your list.

If you're OK with that, simply enter your details below now.

Because the truth is.

Every day you delay means you lose a chance to bond with your list.

And as you know...

The more contact you have with your list... A stronger bond develops... And more sales eventually come your way.

So don't delay. Act now. It's risk-free.

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