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Creating email content doesn't have to feel like this

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I know if you could - you would email your list more.

But sometimes you’re not sure what to write about. And sometimes you're too busy.


Well take heart. You’re not alone.

Which is why I've created a small, special report for a select group of AMBITIOUS entrepreneurs, small business owners and online marketers.

This fascinating report reveals tips, tricks and tactics you've never seen or heard before, such as:

  • A secret way to get email content created for you for FREE for 6 months (worth $2400). So you can email your list more often.
  • How to make your emails more interesting, with examples you can use immediately.
  • A simple tactic that practically guarantees your revenue increases.
  • A wonderful way to get your click through rate higher.
  • An ingenious way to get almost all your emails opened by your list.
  • And perhaps most importantly, this isn’t like trying to pull a tooth out of a rabid dog’s mouth. They're blissfully easy to do.

Valued at $2400 (but FREE for you, more on that later) it helps entrepreneurs, small business owners and online marketers get their emails working for them, rather than against them.

And even though the report is short and can be read in 20 minutes.

The effect it has on you, may well improve your business in ways you would never anticipate.

In fact, you’re likely go through it and start getting ah ha moments within the first couple of pages.

And once you’ve read it, I believe you’ll agree its every word is pure gold.

And you’ll probably say to yourself,

“This is one of the smartest decisions I made this year.”

So if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur, small business owner or online marketer…

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    You see, we’ve created for ambitious entrepreneurs, small business owners and online marketers.

    Its aim is to help them:

  • Charm their list so their list buys more from them.
  • Boost their email open rate so high, they’re embarrassed to tell business friends.
  • Give them an easy way to send more emails to their list each week.

    Now is in beta and even though many parts of it are GOOD, I know it’s not perfect.

Which brings me to the favour

    So before we sink a ton of cash into ads and content to get new users. 

    Will you try for FREE for 3 months. And after you’ve tried it give me your frank and honest opinion of how good it is?

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There Is However A Catch 

I'm not giving this valuable report to everyone who tries

To get the report you must meet five qualifications.

To qualify:

1. You must be a subscriber to our YouTube Channel. Subscribe here.

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3. You must be a business we believe can help. If we don't believe our service will benefit you, we'll tell you and unsubscribe you.

4. You must agree to try for three straight months so you can test it properly to give us your frank and honest opinion.

5. You agree to open almost all our emails. The reason: reputation management (props to Rich Schefren for this tip). And it’s something you should consider with your list.

Is all that fair?

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… How to get engaging email content created for you for FREE for 6 months (worth $2400). 

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… How to raise your click through rate higher than you may have thought possible.

… How to use an ingenious tactic to get almost all your emails to your list opened.

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